Peter Burroughs

Concept Artist /


Hollywood ducked behind an overturned car to avoid a hail of bullets from the LEGION Helltroopers dropping down from Steeltoe's barge. He yelled out to Fortune, "Alright, lets stick to the script! I'm going in on the count of three, cover me! One, two..." He was interrupted by the pounding of footsteps and a loud "AHOOOY MUTHAFUCKAS!" as Hardtack came barreling around the corner, opening fire on the incoming enemies. Fortune twirled her pistols and shrugged, "Hey, at least he never forgets his line!" 


I've been super excited for Volition's new game, Agents of Mayhem (AoM), since the release of the cinematic trailer, and I've cranked out some concept art based on AoM to keep me occupied while waiting for it to come out in August. Having been to South Korea, I love the concept of the game being based in Seoul, and I explored the contrast of traditional Asian architecture with modern technology in some quick thumbnail sketches. I chose to develop one of the thumbnails into a more detailed concept piece, deciding on low-to-the-ground, cinematic composition based around the team dynamic of the three main agents, Fortune, Hardtack, and Hollywood. I like the quirky, irreverant personalities of the agents, and can't wait to see more of them in action!