Peter Burroughs

Concept Artist /

We've Got Issues.png

ROLE:  2D Artist


EMPLOYER: Student Work


In this award winning dice and card game, players take turns rolling dice and drawing from a deck of Event and Issue cards.  Issue cards modify the way you roll by changing the rules!  Having multiple issue cards of the same type increases its severity and changes its gameplay effect. Event cards usually change the shape of the playing field like clearing away cards or adding extra dice rolls.

If you’re a fan of close calls, lucky streaks, and taking a chance on that one extra roll… then this is the game for you.



We've Got Issues was awarded the People's Choice Award and Best Student Created Non-Digital Game Award at the 2014 Meaningful Play Conference

Learn the Basics

To save you from reading the rules, we've put together a condensed video with everything you need to know!